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Your Why – Your Mission Statement

I’ve been praying for God’s leading and direction because I want to be on the right path and in the center of God’s will…

This morning, I read Deuteronomy 32:3 during my devotional time, and immediately knew that this is my “WHY” to continue writing and publishing content for the glory of GOD.

Our WORDS, our ATTITUDE, our MANNERISM and our LIFESTYLE choices are all very important in bringing glory to GOD. Our life is either a positive testimonial or a negative one for Christ Jesus.

Our WORDS will mean very little unless our attitude and godly living back up our words.

In a sense, when you are choosing to write Christian content for the cause of Christ, you are making a commitment to living a life that will back up your writing.

I’m excited as I work to write more and launch more Christian content on my blog, my social media networks as well as offline publishing of journals and books..

Are you interested in writing to spread the gospel and to glorify God. Your writing can be a light to those without Christ, as well as encouragement to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Step 1

I would encourage you to pray about. Realize, God takes volunteers. You can certainly write for the cause of Christ whether you are able to write grammatically correct or not…and whether you are good speller or not.

It’s your WILLINGNESS that can be used! Trust me, you will get better the more you practice writing. What you will want to pray about is the specific area in which you should write.

If you are interested in writing about homemaking, you can inspire others to serve Christ in the tedious everyday tasks of maintaining a home. Perhaps, you are a little knowledgeable about healthy eating. You can still inspire others to serve God while you are striving for better health.

Choose a TOPIC area that will interest you most. If you’d just like to share Bible devotionals for a specific reading audience, you can do that as well!

Step 2

Determine your “WHY.” Why do you want to write?

Start off by writing your mission statement. Your mission statement doesn’t have to be long, but it should be clear why you want to write, and the specific audience (readers) you want to help.

It’s easy to get discouraged a long the way and want to quit. It’s easy to jump around on a wide range of topics unless you have a specific mission statement to remind you the direction you’re wanting to head.

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