• Productivity Tips

    20 Productivity Tips for Christian Writer

    Many Christian writers have other ministries that they are involved in, so it can be a challenge find time to write, to stay productive and keep motivated when it comes to maintaining a blog or creating articles, books and other forms of Christian content. The BEST way to assure you have adequate time for all your tasks is to make sure that you’re productive in the way you conduct your projects, your daily activities and to-do lists. Today, I’m sharing some productivity tips with you that are simple, yet, tried and true concepts to help you keep moving forward at a steady pace. 20 Productivity Tips for Christian Writers Do…

  • How blogging can be healing to the soul
    Christian Blogging

    How Blogging Can Be Healing to the Soul

    If you’re reading this post, I’m assuming you’re probably interested in blogging. Perhaps, you’d like to lighten other people’s lives with your sense of humor. Or, it could be that you have learned much about certain topics and wish to educate others with your knowledge. Sometimes, you simply have a lot to say and would enjoy expressing yourself by writing. Whatever reason you have for desiring to blog, there are some other good reasons to blog.  Writing about your feelings, ideas and thoughts can promote healing for you and be helpful for those who read your blog. Blogging can be a useful tool in uncovering solutions for emotional challenges and…

  • How to Improve Your Writing Skills - 3 quick tips for Christian Writers
    Christian Writing Tips

    How to Improve Your Writing Skills – 3 Quick Writing Tips

    Many new writers are intimidated by writing for the public, although some may have a natural gift with letting the words flow. No matter how good (or bad) your writing skills, there is always room for improvement. Here are three quick tips that will help you improve your writing skills, regardless of whether you’re a practiced skilled writer looking to improve your writing skills or one who’s just starting out. Establish your writing weaknesses Determining your weaknesses is an ideal place to begin improvements. Your weaknesses could be anything – from choosing the right words and structuring your sentences well to formulating ideas. Whatever be your deficiency, understand where you…

  • Publishing Tidbits

    Your Why – Your Mission Statement

    I’ve been praying for God’s leading and direction because I want to be on the right path and in the center of God’s will… This morning, I read Deuteronomy 32:3 during my devotional time, and immediately knew that this is my “WHY” to continue writing and publishing content for the glory of GOD. Our WORDS, our ATTITUDE, our MANNERISM and our LIFESTYLE choices are all very important in bringing glory to GOD. Our life is either a positive testimonial or a negative one for Christ Jesus. Our WORDS will mean very little unless our attitude and godly living back up our words. In a sense, when you are choosing to…

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