How to Improve Your Writing Skills - 3 quick tips for Christian Writers
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How to Improve Your Writing Skills – 3 Quick Writing Tips

Many new writers are intimidated by writing for the public, although some may have a natural gift with letting the words flow. No matter how good (or bad) your writing skills, there is always room for improvement.

Here are three quick tips that will help you improve your writing skills, regardless of whether you’re a practiced skilled writer looking to improve your writing skills or one who’s just starting out.

Establish your writing weaknesses

Determining your weaknesses is an ideal place to begin improvements. Your weaknesses could be anything – from choosing the right words and structuring your sentences well to formulating ideas.

Whatever be your deficiency, understand where you face trouble and concentrate on improving those areas. The internet is a valuable source of information on how to improve your writing. Writing workshops and guidance from other writers is beneficial as well.

Brush up on the basics

You might wonder how two writers situated at two ends of the ‘writing’ spectrum – a beginner writer and an expert – use the same practices to improve their writing.

The answer is simple – the beginner writer must start with the basics, and the expert writer often forgets the fundamental rules of writing and still has a lot to learn from them.

Learn/brush up on the basics of spelling and grammar and the elements of style and get into the habit of using a thesaurus and dictionary.

Resource help:

Improve your reading skills

You will notice that all writers are also avid readers. Reading on a regular basis is an excellent way to develop new writing skills or hone your existing ones.

Select different kinds of reading material – not just the type you write. Get out of your comfort zone, and pick something you wouldn’t normally choose. Notice how each genre of content differs from the other – the style of writing, word choice, sentence structure, and flow.

Practice Makes Progress

Finally, I just wanted to add that you don’t need to become a perfect writer! Just get started writing. “Practice makes progress!” If you’re writing for God’s Glory, just write, and let God help you improve as you go.

If God is leading you to write, He will give you the skills you need. You don’t need to compare yourself to other writers. Rather, focus on writing for Jesus’ sake!

May God bless your writing ministry!

Rhonda White

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